We are a publishing house that provides web and printing solutions for your business.

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Miaouw miaouw, miaouw, miaouw, mew...

Edgar the cat Homeless cat that often passes by to chill. He's ok.

This website is one of my true joys. Working with you and Ben has been a true honor.

Aja Monet Brooklyn based poet & activist

T'es un coeur, mais arrête de faire des fautes sur mon prénom.

Eleonore Clara Moreau London based photographer & art director.

Teamwork is our keyword. Each project is the result of collaboration between members of the platform, whether they are visual artists, web designers, writers or graphic designers. The creative network of this platform is its real asset.

Want to join the team? Sparkling minds wanted.

Tell us about your skills & story.

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The cook


The cherry on the cake

We work with project leaders and accompany them to digital autonomy. After the project is delivered we train you to upgrade and manage it so you can lead the boat eyes covered.

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