Ndoki Festival, interactive posters

Concept for an esoteric gathering into the realms of poetry, sacred african trance and techno music.

Ndoki is the deep individualized energy which becomes a vehicle, like the word ndonga which means container, a hollow object intended to receive solid or liquid products. The Ndoki is a kind of container where vital forces or simply energies are focused. What is an ndoki? an ndoki is a being who practices and knows the sacred science of mastering energies (the Kindoki).

Using a WebGL application with Processing and Javascript we have been able to generate kinetic posters that interact with sounds and movement. The whole set was to compromise between readability of the interface and the randomness of typography and forms which draws the line of the energy field of the Ndoki. Working on this interactive was we where able to arrange an HTML5 application where embed music frame interact with the visual on a browser.

There we created a range of 18 unique posters one will be able to virtually rearrange for the festival’s promotion. Alternatively we sold the software to Arts Attack for their festival and to other brands willing to create unique layouts for their communication.