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On July 25, 2017, we were in Berlin during the project “Linked Alone” with the collective Chapter 0NE and Open Art—ORT community. During this residency in Neukölln we worked with other local artists to create 9 interactive performances mixing live arts and digital arts. Among those who answered the call of Open Art; Steffen Kirchhoff a Rostock based musician and DJ. He is one of the promoters of a musical culture called “Medicine Music” we collaborated with during a mystic poetry performance in Neu West Berlin.
His discipline, called Medicine Music is a musical variation located at the crossroads of Downtempo and sacred music such as ancient songs of healing, mantras or prayers. Listening to his tracks, we hear a kind of catchy tribal electronic sound. But the specificity of “Medicine Music” is to mix samples of music used for esoteric practices on a beat below 108 – 60 bpm recordings of organic and nature sounds like the singing of birds, the sound of a river floating or the waving of the trees.
Not only accessible and actual, the intention behind this hybridization is to put the listener in good conditions to enter a deeper connection with himself to harmonize with the energies that surround him. Precisely because the samples that we hear in medicine music are used to go with rituals of meditation or trance professed by shamans in some indigenous beliefs. We talk about coming back to the essence of music, that vibration that soothes and reconnects the mind to its environment rather than the other way around.
On our Soundcloud, Steffen Ki gave us some advice to build a playlist to help you discover this genre. With his new label Numa involved in the promotion of this music he is on the turntable of a scene where music is no longer just entertaining but invite us to connect with the consciousness of a upper unit. From Colombia where he is touring with his duet Aluna, he tells us:
“ We are living in very challenging times right now, a lot of chaos and confusion inside and outside. It seems like the ‘old way’ of doing things is not working any more and yet the ‘new path’ is unknown territory to us and we all go trough a lot of shifts and transformations. Many ancient cultures have prophesized those times as the Times of Change, or Shift of Conciousness. And this is what i believe is happening right now. People are starting to wake up and remember their spiritual nature and they seek to reastablish that connection. And Medicine Music is the Soundtrack to this Shift.”
To celebrate the month of July, we leave you here a little playlist that will increase again in the days to come:
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